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Burnout Furnace - TC081

This inexpensive heavy duty furnace is ideal for small and medium sized casting shops. The elements are deeply recessed to avoid damage by tongs. Supplied with wax elimination tray. Specification: Internal chamber dimensions: (229 x 229 x 229 mm) External 457 x 533 x 597mm

The units are constructed from the latest high temperature insulation refractories comprising an ultra-efficient brick hot face and back-up insulation to give a 150mm thick wall of exceptionally low conductivity. This ensures extremly low heat loss, very low external temperatures and low firing costs. Elements, in higest grade Kanthal for long life and fast economical performance up to 1300 degrees C. are fitted to both sides of the walls, with large spy hole in front of door and vent in the roof.

The unit is supplied with a Hobbymaster 4 controller as detailed below.



                         1300 C Max.



This Hobbymaster 4 control panel has been developed by the world renowned Orton Foundation in partnership with Potclays for types R, S and K thermocouples. Orton are also market leaders in the manufacture of pyrometric cones and instruments used by potters throughout the world for firing temperature measurement. Its advanced features make it excellent value for money and suitable for professional applications as well as hobby, belying its name and simple straightforward appearance.

Multiple software configurations enable it to be switched between different operational modes for Ceramic Art, Jewelry, PMC or Glass Art applications.

In addition to the most popular programs being preset, there are 9 user defined programs, each program containing up to 8 heating or cooling rates, 8 target temperatures and 8 hold periods.

The Hobbymaster 4 Kiln Temperature Controller features:

  • 9 User defined programmes each featuring 8 segments
  • Delay start: Allows you to postpone the start of the firing cycle up to 100 hours.
  • Full On / Full Off: Option to heat or cool the kiln as fast as possible.
  • Indefinite Hold periods: Programming option to hold the kiln at temperature indefinitely.
  • Program Skip Step: Allows the operator to end the current program step and advance to the next heating or cooling step.
  • Program temperature edit: Allows the operator to edit the current heating or cooling temperature without interrupting the kiln firing.
  • Program Hold time edit: Allows the operator to lengthen the current hold period time without interrupting the kiln firing.
  • Thermocouple Offset: Allows the operator to adjust the temperature display accuracy by as much as ±25°C (±45°F) to offset aging thermocouple(s).
  • Program Review: Allows the operator to Review the entire firing schedule before or during a firing.
  • Temperature Units: Allows the operator to set the display Temperature units in Fahrenheit (°F) or Centigrade (°C).
  • Threshold Alarm: Allows the operator to program an audible alarm that notifies when the kiln has reached a working temperature.
  • Thermocouple Alarms: Notifies the user of a defective thermocouple or a thermocouple that is connected with reverse polarity.
  • Power Fail Recovery: Allows the kiln to resume the firing when power interruptions occur from thunderstorms or accidental shut-down.
  • Safety Temperature limits: Allows the kiln manufacturer to set a limitation to the top programmable firing temperature.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 24vac center-tap transformer (50/60Hz)

Voltage Tolerance: + 10% to -20%

Operating Current: 200ma

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)

Programmable Temperature Range: 0°C to 1315°C (32°F to 2400°F)

Output Voltage: 2 Channels @ 12vdc/200ma

Display Resolution: 1°C or F

Analog to Digital Resolution: 24 bit

Accuracy: +/- 2°C

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