Cuttlefish 450g - TC29 - expected end of 2021


Cuttlefish bone is an excellent mould-making material most commonly used for small metal casting for jewellery manufacturing. The reason for this is because it is able to absorb and withstand high temperatures as well as allowing the user to easily carve a design of their choice into the bone with ease.

The best way of utilizing the Cuttlefish is as follows: cut the bone in half and rub both pieces together so they fit evenly as one; then carve your design into the fish bone before adding a sprue; next, pour the molten metal into the mould via the sprue; finally, remove the sprue by simply cutting it off the mould and polish.

You receive 3-5 pieces of Cuttlefish bone depending on the size, which is 450g (approx).


Please note - This is a natural product so sizes may vary and cause limitations with certain designs.

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