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Grayson Morning Afternoon Evening &/OR Time & Date Healthcare Clock Silver GP1124

Product Height : 290mm

Product Width : 440mm

Product Depth : 40mm


Silver Surround Day Clock


As time has gone on we have dealt more and more with both health care professionals and end users who have identified a need for a clock that doesn't tell the specific time so much as the general time of day and week.
To that end, this clock displays the Day of the week and then Morning, Afternoon, Evening.
You can also set it to display the precise time and date or indeed cycle between the two displays.
Powered by 4 size C batteries and synchronized via radio 'MSF' signal, this beautiful clock can be invaluable for a loved one who needs that extra bit of help when it comes to knowing where they are in their day.
Supplied with a brush finished aluminium surround.


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