GRS 003-656 Replacement Satellite Turntable Only - 003-656

Replacement turntable only for satellite turntable package - details of package below (see 003-740 for full kit).


Take control of your work and find freedom from your bench.

This system provides unrestricted mobility, empowering artists to work on larger pieces. It can also be easily stored when not in use. The tripod base provides incredible stability that will ease the mind of any artist during the most calculated cuts.

The stand’s height adjusts from 18″ to 29″, creating ideal work elevations. The gas spring mechanism and included collet wrench make adjustments quick, easy, and almost effortless.

The package also includes the newly innovated Satellite Turntable. This robust turntable’s completely overhauled bearing system requires minimum maintenance and provides a smooth, quiet glide. The turntable’s sealed profile promotes a cleaner internal environment and limits contamination from metal chips. The top of the turntable has been marked with easy centering lines to accommodate any GRS vice.

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