GRS Apex Sharpening System - #003-760

An innovative sharpening system to be used in conjunction to the GRS Apex Power Hone unit.

With this Apex sharpening system, it gives beginners a great way of learning the identical movements and terminology when sharpening different angles to a graver. With experienced users, it offers the efficient repeatability for faster sharpening.
Simple to use, the Apex can make any geometrical angle desired using the Speedline dial discs. Each angle is clearly marked on each disc and locks ito place without screws, making it very quick to use.
Simply choose your disc and place it on the new shortened fixture post and away you go.
Works with all GRS Tool Holders.
Complete package includes Storage Rack, 3 Speedline Dial discs (90°, 105°, 120°)Dual Angle disc and Fixture post assembly.


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