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Laser Engraver / Cutter Orion ECO Pulse Fiber 50W - TLENG50

Professional Pulse Fiber Laser Engravers and Cutters from Orion

The 50W, 70W, and 100W laser cutting and engraving machines offer more power and faster speed for laser cutting and engraving thicker pieces – cutting up to 2mm sheets.
The Orion LZR Engravers are the ideal product for laser cutting and marking. They can be used on any metal to engrave text, photographs, logos, and markings. The maximum marking area ranges from 65x65mm to 180x180mm depending on the lens. The standard lens offers a 110x110mm working area with a resolution of 20 micron (0.02mm).
Access into the chamber is very easy and convenient. The hatch slides open and gives access on three sides. Manoeuvering pieces and configuring setups is very fast and easy. The z-axis is motor driven and has a movement resolution of 0.01mm. To help position the z-axis appropriately, the laser cutting and engraving machine has an innovative and intuitive focusing system with overlapping laser pointers. The engraver can also be equipped with an internal video camera inside the chamber for optimization of the processing, and for possible remote assistance.
The machines uses ytterbium-doped fiber optics that have low environmental impact and low maintenance- up to 50,000 hours of operation. Depending on the model, the LZR Engraver machine comes a power range from 20 watts to 100 watts.
Advanced software is included with these engravers. The software is capable of importing file types from commonly-used computer design programs such as svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, and others. The software makes it easy to perform any job from engraving an image, engraving text on the inside of a ring, engraving a custom design on a bangle, to laser cutting and marking custom shaped objects.
Additional options that can be included with the LZR Engraver machines include: high precision rotating axis system for rings and bangles, electro-pneumatic feeder for metal sheets, vacuum exhaust system with filters, XY clamp for positioning pieces, and a pneumatic hatch opening system.
  • High precision
  • Marking area of 180×180 mm
  • Resolutions of up to 40 micron
  • Use on any metal
  • Engrave rings, bracelets, medallions
  • Excavation by layers
  • Photographs, names, designs, logos, and trademarks
  • Manual cutting of the individual piece, or automation for mass production
This machine will engrave rings (internally and externally), and also bracelets with the Rotary Axis Clamp*. It will also engrave on zippo lighters, trophy plates, watch case backs, watch bracelets or anything you can fit into the working area when using the X-Y Clamp*. A typical inside ring engraving can be completed in 10 to 15 seconds. With more complex designs such as bitmap/photo engraving, this process will be slower. An Orion Laser Engraver unit with more power will speed up this process for when production or manufacturing needs are required. This unit will also cut out metal with a thickness up to 2mm.
* sold seperately
This machine will work on all precious and non precious metals including gold, silver, stainless steel to name a few. Also works on wood, glass, ceramic, stones and plastic.


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