Laser Welder Benchtop Orion LZR100 Sunstone - TL100

"The perfect laser welder for jewellers, dentists and horologists"

The Orion LZR100 laser welder provides a powerful tabletop machine with all the technological and engineering benefits of other larger models. It is the most robust heavy duty laser on the market today offering unparalleled reliability and service.

This small machine delivers a higher-duty cycle that meets the demanding work needs, with professional results, and for far less than larger machines – a truly significant benefit for any budget. The LZR100 only takes W:500mm X D:800mm X H:550mm of workspace and weighs less than 40KG so it's easy to move and set up, easy to use and easy to maintain.


Specific benefits of the LZR Lasers include:

  • Larger opening in the weld chamber provides access for larger pieces and allows you to work more freely inside.
  • Pulse-shape settings allow you to configure your pulse to take advantage of specific metallurgic characteristics.
  • Memory cells allow you to save up to 99 individual, specific configurations for your most-used applications.
  • Small footprint fits easily into any shop or laboratory.
  • Affordable – take advantage of laser welding at a cost that is truly budget friendly.
  • Superior, high-efficiency components run cooler, reducing stress on critical-wear parts, for notably longer service life and greatly reduced maintenance.
  • The LZR models ensure close, repeatable control over laser parameters to deliver precise results.
  • Up to 100 joules of output energy is more than enough for nearly every laser-welding application – particularly on silver.
  • High-efficiency optics enable a higher average power output from fewer joules.
  • User-friendly touch-screen control.
  • Advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply eliminates power spikes to deliver more effective welding and drastically extend the flashlamp life.
  • Powerful and clear Leica microscope with build in camera to display the view on-screen.


The Orion LZR100 YAG Laser is suitable for all welding applications in many trades including:

Dental - Dental laboratory technicians benefit in fabrication and reconstructive repair procedures, including new cast clasp assembly, loops and posts for tooth additions, cast extensions for existing partials, new wrought wire single-arm clasping, as well as many other common laboratory welding services. The weld produced is localised which is excellent for seam welds and eliminates thermal expansion on passive fit bridgework, implant bars and frames, and other common dental prosthetic connections. Orion LZR100 is suitable for most dental alloys including Titanium, Vitallium, Gold, Palladium and Platinum.

Jewellery - Delicate repair jobs such as re-tipping prongs can be done with ease and without the removal of stones, making the job in hand quick, efficient and very accurate. Welding heads to shanks can be done with the laser, particularly with the rapid fire mode, this creates a seam weld which is neat and eliminates much cleaning up afterwards. Platinum ring sizing can be done without leaving the dark grey line as is usually found when soldering with traditional methods. The Orion LZR laser enables you to repair almost all types of jewellery on site which adds a massive benefit to your services offered to your clients.

Horology - When refurbishing or repairing watches, case and bracelet repairs can be done on gold, stainless steel or bi metal bracelets with ease. Obsolete parts that have been damaged or broken can be welded together avoiding expensive replacement parts and long waiting times for both you and your customers. Steel clock parts that have been cracked such as mainsprings can be strengthened with the laser.

Orion LZR 100 Laser Welder Specifications:
Laser Crystal: Nd:YAG
Wavelength: 1064nm
Spot Diameter: 0.3 - 1.5mm
Input power: 110 - 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A, single-phase
Output Pulse Energy: 25 - 100 joules
Maximum Power: 4.8kW
Average Power: 55W
Pulse Frequency: 0.5 - 15Hz
Pulse Duration: 0.5 - 20.0mS
Dimensions: W:500mm X D:800mm X H:550mm
Approx. Net Weight: 36kg (80 lbs)
There are optional extras that we offer on our Orion LZR laser at an additional cost. Any extras would need to be ordered at the same time as the laser welder.

These are as follows:
RED DOT LASER POINTER - Emits a red dot to allow you to see the laser position when looking through the microscope.
HDMI OUTPUT - Allows an external feed to a TV with a HDMI port. This is very handy for training purposes such as in universities.
HDMI with USB - As above with the option USB port.
MOTORISED PEDESTAL - Links directly to the laser which allows the user to control the height adjustment through the laser directly (includes software).

Customer Review : One of the reasons we invested in this laser welder was for repairing stainless steel watch cases by building up the metal if the case is damaged. After this has been done we would then lapp the case back to its original profile. We also use the machine for many other applications including gold repairs, fitting case pendent tubes, repairing watch bracelets and clasps,  repairing certain movement parts and so on. The machine has proved to be an excellent investment allowing us to do jobs we would have had to outsource or return unable to repair. I've tried other lasers and the LZR100 is by far the best I have used.

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