Leica A60F Stereo Microscope - TM66

The Leica A60 series are a powerful yet affordable stereo microscope incorporating FusionOptics.

FusionOptics technology takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon. Standard stereo microscopes have two identical beam paths that reveal a spatial impression of the sample. With FusionOptics, the left beam path has a great depth of field whilst the right beam path shows a super high resolution, the human brain then merges the two paths to compose a high resolution image with a great depth of field never achieved in any stereo microscope before.
The Leica A60 offers a magnification range from 5x to 30x, which enables both a large surface overview and detailed observation whith consistand sharpness without the need to re-focus. With a 46mm object field it provides 80% more surface area than convential stereo microscopes, coupled with a depth of field up to 13.6mm which means all areas within the range stay in focus without the need to re-focus saving you time. The Leica A60 also has a working distance of up to 122mm. The high quality optics are protected by an interchangeable protective glass and is illuminated by a bright, uniform LED ring light. The LED light has a diffuser to provide a softer light to avoid bright spots, the light intensity is completely adjustable.
The Leica A60 has been ergonormically designed with a viewing angle of 38°, which is the heads natural posture angle. The microscope is encased in a patented anti-static plastic housing that prevents static electricity discharge that can be damaging in ESD sensitive areas.
To summarise, the Leica A60 benefits from:
High quality optics
Ergonomic design
Large surface viewing area
x5 to x30 magnification
Great depth of field
Adjustable bright LED ring light with a diffuser
There are two options of stands available for the Leica A60: 
TM66 - A60F:   Flexible Swing Arm, for maximum freedom of movement.
TM66A - A60S:  Swing Arm Stand, for high stability.


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