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Mechanical Watch Timing Machine Witschi ChronoMaster® Air - HT67-AIR

ChronoMaster Air, the smart, compact and wireless microphone!

The Air version of the tried and trusted ChronoMaster microphone with built-in, smart measurement electronics is even more versatile and more user-friendly, thanks to its wireless Bluetooth connection.

This precision measuring device can recognise 12 test positions and facilitates the comprehensive measurement and analysis of rate deviation, beat error and amplitude. 
Fully wireless with Bluetooth and rechargeable battery The ChronoMaster Air can be operated via a USB port connected to the mains electricity supply, as well as autonomously for up to 20 hours with its built-in rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth connection.

It takes up little space and enables you to position it exactly where you want it without any cables getting in the way.

WiCoTRACE Both the WiCoTRACE central test parameter and result management system and Chronoscope Service are prepared for the ChronoMaster Air and offer the optimal software for every requirement.

  • Compact microphone with integrated measurement electronics for testing mechanical watches
  • Wireless thanks to integrated Bluetooth interface and rechargeable battery with up to 20 hours' autonomous operation • Rechargeable battery easy to charge using USB cable
  • Automatic detection of the 6 main test positions, 4 intermediate vertical positions and 2 special positions
  • Precise division of test positions into 45° increments
  • Efficient software with guided sequence mode, adjustable for 1 up to 10 test positions
  • Secure mounting, even for large watches
  • Convenient and efficient operation thanks to built-in control keys
  • Ergonomic watch adjustment thanks to stable hand rest for both left- and right-handed users
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