Microflame Model 60 - TS702

The Micro Flame gas generating soldering unit is one of the best known and well respected pieces of equipment used in the jewellery trade.
These soldering units use distilled water as a fuel and by a process of electrolysis, produce an oxygen/hydrogen gas.
This gas then passes through a solution, to slow down its burning rate and then through a hose to the torch. Although to some this may sound sophisticated the Micro Flame is, in fact, delightfully simple and easy to use.
The torch is light and designed for precision jewellery and similar soldering duties.
The flame size is altered by changing the end nozzle; a simple operation taking a few seconds.
Flame temperature 1800°C. (This can be increased up to 3000 C by changing the fluid in the Booster)
All Microweld units are supplied with one torch, torch tips of assorted sizes and comprehensive instructions. For multi use, further torches must be ordered. Torch holder TS708 is an optional extra.

Model 60 is intended mainly for jobbing jewellers or manufacturers and is suitable for almost all precision soldering work encountered in the jewellery trade. Can be used by two operators simultaneously, by the addition of second operator kit (TS706). Dimensions 403x350x254mm.

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