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ONEOF Accuracy 2 Mechanical Watch Timing Tool - HTACC2A

ONEOF Accuracy² Watch Timing Tool.

A watch. A sensor. An app.

The sensor detects every single vibration of the watch, converts them into a highly amplified audio signal and transmits it to the app to display a full range of technical information: frequency of the escapement, instantaneous and average accuracy, amplitude of the balance wheel, cumulated graphs...

Everything you need to take care of your watch. In only a few seconds.

Small, fun, powerful. 

The measurement tool for mechanical watch lovers.

Download app - Plug-in device - Place your watch on the sensor - Wait for result

ONEOF accuracy² is a stand-alone device. It requires no battery or power supply. Plug it and forget it. It is that simple.

Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 7.50mm

Supplied with Apple Lightning to USB adapter.

For IOS or Android, suitable device (phone or tablet) is also needed (not supplied).

Swiss Made.

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