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ONEOF Accuracy Boutique Edition Mechanical Watch Timing Tool With Demagnetizer - HTACCB

The first in everything, the ONEOF Accuracy boutique edition is the first ever connected tool capable of measuring and demagnetizing a mechanical watch at once.

It was designed in unique partnership with famous Swiss watch brands to deliver the most efficient solution to watch magnetization – a powerful and easy-to-use tool able to solve the problem directly in boutiques.

Accuracy Boutique Edition is the first integrated tool capable of measuring the precision of a watch, demagnetizing the hairspring and getting its accuracy back.

Bring the customer experience to the next level.

There is only one proper way to solve the problem of a magnetized watch: check the accuracy, demagnetize if needed, check again.

20% of After-Sales returns concern magnetized watches, which mean both a tremendous cost for brands and a significant drop in customer satisfaction.

Less than 2 minutes are required to check, demagnetize and control a watch with Accuracy Boutique Edition, with no additional costs for the brand and no long after-sales service for the customer.

Magnetization: the main watch illness.

Strong magnetic fields are everywhere, generated by commonly used objects such as speakers, motors, electronic devices and even leather goods. Very few brands offer watch movements insensitive to magnetic fields. The main symptoms of a magnetized watch are generally a low amplitude of the balance wheel and, more critically, an important loss of precision up to several minutes per day.

Amazingly powerful. Absolutely plug & play.

Other demagnetizers available on the market require to be plugged into the mains power supply using a variety of dedicated adapters depending on the country. Accuracy boutique edition is based on the commonly used and cross-platform USB standard and requires no battery or power supply.

The integrated Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensure a precision of measurement lower than +/- 0.1 s/d.

Download app - Plug-in device - Place your watch on the sensor - Wait for result - If result is out of specs, press DEMAG - You're welcome

Dimensions: 95mm x 95mm x 21mm

Supplied with Apple Lightning to USB adapter.

For IOS or Android, suitable device (Phone or Tablet) is also needed (not supplied).

Swiss Made.


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