Rhoduna® PT One Rhodium Platinum Plating Solution - TP1311

RHODUNA® PT ONE plating is a unique solution that coats in a white and bright Rhodium-Platinum alloy with the same lustre and durability of pure Rhodium plating but at a fraction of the cost.

The solution consists of 30% Rhodium and 70% Platinum, and has a metal content of 1g, which delivers a 20/80 Rhodium-Platinum layer up to 0.2µm thick that looks identical to pure Rhodium even to a trained eye.

Minimal space, equipment and chemistry is needed to achieve a high quality finish.

The hardness of the Rhoduna PT One is approximately HV 600, in the ratio between 800HV of Rhodium and 400HV of Platinum.

It can plate at a speed of approx. 0.05 µm/min.

Directions for use:

  • Dilute 250 ml of Rhoduna® PT ONE in 750 ml of demineralised water for 1 litre of solution
  • Use a glass beaker to heat solution to operating temperature (45°C)
  • Use a platinised titanium (Pt/Ti) and 2.5V or a mixed metal oxide anode (MMO 187 SO) and 2V
  • Time needed to plate 0.2µm thickness would take approximately 4 minutes
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