Shellac Flake 1kg - T93148

Orange flake shellac is well known for a wide variety of uses. One of the main applications of orange shellac is as an adhesive.
Orange Shellac is an excellent adhesive for jewellers, either for engraving or as a chasing cement.
Orange Shellac is also used by woodwind repair technicians for clarinet re-padding, saxophone re-padding, and other woodwind re-padding needs.
It is very easy to use and store. Simply apply heat to the shellac and melt it while holding components in place.  Once the shellac cools, it hardens. Adjustments can be made simply by reheating the shellac.
Shellac is UV - resistant and does not yellow or darken or breakdown over time.
Shellac will adhere to virtually any surface and is an excellent non-toxic choice for a variety of uses.

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