Tumble-Vibe 5 - TB97

The Tumble Vibe 5 is an effecient piece of polishing machinery used for polishing fancy gemstones to a smooth, satin like finish and polishing costume style jewellery. However, this impressive machine has many other uses such as: descaling of metal castings; deburring of metal stampings and even polishing seashells. 

The Tumble-Vibe 5 uses both metallic and ceramic media at a maximum of approx 4lbs per each type of media, making it perfect for polishing both metal and plastic components. The working capacity of the TV 5 is roughly 1.7ltrs and has a bowl diameter of 203mm so is perfect for smaller establishments and workshops, where space isn't an option, for on the go polishing. 

The TV 5 comes with instructions plus a helpful pamphlet titled The Art and Science of Mass Finishing by Sam Thompson as well as manufacter guarantee.



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