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Soldering and Melting

For professional welders and metalworkers, we’ve got a huge selection of high-quality, low-cost equipment that’ll have you melting, soldering and forging metals with ease. Including soldering equipment, micro torches, ingot moulds and more, you’ll find everything you need, right here.

Choose from our wide-range of soldering and melting products:
Ingot moulds, including adjustable moulds, reversible moulds and residue cups, Furnaces and crucibles, Micro-torches and micro flames, Soldering equipment, materials and solder, Pickle tanks, pickles and pickling tweezers and tongs.

Unsure about what tool or accessory is right for your job? Get in touch with us for some quality advice from an expert. Or, head down to one of our showrooms and speak to an advisor before you make the choice.