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Setting and Engraving

Our selection of setting and engraving tools features a number of leading brands, including GRS & RinGenie, with a matching wide-range of products, enabling you to pick the right tool for the job. Including everything from cross cut cylinder heads and tough, aluminium alloy sheets, to orbital ring fixtures for fine ring work, you’ll find it all.

Our range of products includes:
A selection of diamond burrs, Engraving vices, engraving machines and accessories, Aluminium and brass sheets and flexible laminates, Equipment for gravers, including handles and sharpeners, Setting tools and setter’s waxes, Millgrain machines and a range of Enset machines.

Want to know which tool, machine or accessory is right for you? Our employees would love to help you with your enquiry, so why not get in touch? We also have showrooms too, allowing you to get a real experience of your chosen product.