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3Design is a Suite of CAD software specifically designed for the jewellery trade. Type3, the developers, have 30 years experience in creating software for the jewellery trade and have built a package of products specifically aimed at helping you to design in much the same way you would at the bench, working with objects rather than planes in space. It’s the parametric history function, however, is what really makes this software so unique, and useful.

3Design Software in action 3Design software packages can be tailored to your needs and we can even arrange further paid tuition if you want to fully explore 3Design's wide ranging capabilities. There are even useful add ons to enble you to deform objects and render your designs in beautiful, lifelike styled images to show your customers. 

From the entry level Atelier with STL file capability to the fully featured Professional edition let us walk you through the possibilities of this software to create the suite you need .


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