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3Design ATELIER Jewellery CAD Software - T3DATELLIER

Brand: 3Design

SKU: T3DATELIER Packaged weight: 0.50kg
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Innovative CAD software by 3Design specifically for Jeweller's.
It allows users to create traditional and bespoke jewellery with ease and to make quick modifications that automatically update thanks to it's parametric history tree.

3Design is cutting edge 3D software for jewellery design that will keep your business ahead of the competition.
Thanks to its visually rendered interface, jewellers feel at ease while using 3Design. You do not need to be an engineer or IT specialist to be using this software. All you need is a vison, perseverance and an idea of how jewellery is put together.
Design like the artist that you are! 3Design thinks like a jeweller, tucked away in a virtual drawer within the jeweller’s bench you can find all the tools required to create various settings and shaped rings. If you need more, the solid and the sketch modules interact together building unique items that can be modified at a later stage. Having access to a model library allows you to quickly pick and edit predefined elements and jewel parts. Such a library usually gives you access to profiles, clamps, ring settings, chains, shanks, and much more.
Parametric Software - 3Design uses a Parametric history tree, which allows the possibility to do fast modifications and vastly rework models without the need to start from the beginning. Each modification made to your piece, the software automatically updates all the components so there's no need to start from the beginning if a client makes adjustments. Furthermore, it helps with optimizing your creative process by letting you look back on how you’ve created the piece; all of this helps you get better designing habits.


Within the jeweller’s bench, tools such as custom stone builder, advanced pave and microsetting give you the precision required for each of your designs; allowing you to focus on your creation and let 3Design do the hard work.
3Design has become the reference in custom jewellery. Atelier version enables you to export your files in various manufacturing formats such as IGES, STEP, OBJ and most importantly STL format. STL is the rapid prototyping standard used by 3D printers. It doesn't carry the same tools as PRO and DESIGN as you have limited tools but still can create amazing designs.
We also sell the Designer version which has all the tools available (as with the Pro version) except no STL creation. It's a great choice for people who just want to design their jewellery who haven't got a 3D printer, simply email the file to a casting company for them to manufacture.
There is no need to compromise with 3Design. Our unique hybrid platform allows you to run 3Design on Macintosh and Windows. Install on both platforms and share files easily between systems. 
For more information and prices, please contact one of our Showrooms or Head office. 
Prices starting from £2800.00


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