Bushing Tool Swiss Made For Clocks & Alarm Clocks Bergeon 16200 - HB72

Bergeon 16200 Bushing Tool. Suitable for holding plates from 50 to 220mm, and a pillar height of up to 70mm. Tool supplied with 2 arms and 2 chucks, 1 broach with hand wheel.

Accessories in wooden box includes-

  • 1 x Jacob's chuck 0-4mm
  • 10 Reamers: Ø1.27mm, Ø1.97mm, Ø2.47mm, Ø2.97mm, Ø3.47mm, Ø4.47mm, Ø5.47mm, Ø6.47mm, Ø7.47mm & Ø8.47mm
  • 4 Drilled stakes: Ø8mm x 3mm, Ø10mm x 5mm, Ø16mm x 8mm & Ø30mm x 10mm (stake x hole)
  • 3 Driving punches: Ø3mm, Ø6mm & Ø9mm
  • 1 Centring bit
  • 2 x Centring stakes: Ø16mm x 4mm & Ø16mm x 9mm (stake x point)
  • 1 Undrilled stake: Ø25mm
  • 2 Chamfering tools: Ø4mm & Ø10mm
  • 5 Pivot cutters: Ø2.20mm x 0.40mm, Ø3.00mm x 0.70mm, Ø5.00mm x 1.50mm, Ø6.00 x 3.00 & Ø9.00 x 5.00mm (cutter x pivot)
  • 1 Jacob chuck: Opening 0 to 4mm

Dimensions 355mm x 355mm x 180mm.

Swiss Made.


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