Castaldo Gold Label Vulcanising Mould Rubber 2.27kg - TC09610

This Castaldo® Gold Label® roll is a more pliable, natural rubber; perfect for difficult patterns that might break in a stiffer mold. This form of Castaldo® organic mold rubber comes in large sheets that allow you to fully customise molds of any size or shape. Maximize sheet usage with minimum waste; both sides are lined to help maintain cleanliness. The high concentration of pure rubber makes it pliable and durable, two characteristics that will elevate your mold-making process. All Castaldo® natural organic mold rubbers require a release agent.

Castaldo®—known throughout the jewellery industry for performance, dependability and value—manufactures mold rubber trusted the world over.

Sold in a 2.27kg roll.



  • Brand : Castaldo
  • Material : Rubber
  • Dimensions : 45"L x 18"W x 1/8"D
  • Spool or package quantity : 5 lbs / 2.27kg
  • Shrinkage : 3-4%
  • Vulcanization temperature : 307°F (153°C)
  • Form : Roll
  • Country of origin : United States


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5.5 kg
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