Chelsea Filter - TC70

Chelsea Filter
A Chelsea filter has special ultraviolet filters that are designed to detect real emeralds from imitations. It is used primarily to spot fakes mixed in with natural stones in coloured stone parcels and jewellery, and to differentiate emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines and natural green jadeite from manufactured stones.
Some Familiar Reactions under the Chelsea Filter:
Synthetic Emerald (Cr) - Red
Blue Glass (Co) - Red
Synthetic Blue Spinel (Co) - Red
Synthetic Blue Quartz (Co) - Pink
Natural Aquamarine (Fe) - Green
Natural Zircon (Blue) - Green
Dyed Green Chalcedony - Red to Orange Red
Dyed Blue Chalcedony - Red to Pink
Natural Emerald (Cr/V/Fe) - Pink to Red / Green to Yellow Green
Dermatoid Garnet - Reddish
Blue Topaz - Blue Green
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