Demagnetiser Witschi Teslascope II - HD305

The NEW Witschi Teslascope 2 replacment for Witschi Teslascope, which offers all three necessary tests for a successful demagnetisation and detection of the magnetic state of mechanical watches – all in one step.

The Teslascope is an “all-in-one” instrument with three test cycles. The first cycle determines the initial magnetisation state. The second cycle is carried out if it is necessary to demagnetise the watch. The new, demagnetised state of the watch is checked again during the next and last cycle. The Teslascope includes a convenient, freestanding support for the sensor, allowing watches with or without wristlet as well as steel movements and watch parts to be easily tested.

The unambiguous evaluation of the result as a Yes / No verdict is displayed to the user by two LEDs (Light-Emitting Diode).

The user-friendly Teslascope does not need much space on the workbench. The short and clear directions for use printed on the instrument itself make it even simpler to operate. This is good news for the industry and specialised trade outlets.

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