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Dialmax WIHA Caliper Vernier Fibreglass Gauge - TG16

Subtotal: £59.95 Price: £59.95 + VAT if applicable

SKU: TG16 Packaged weight: 0.15kg

A Swiss made Vernier Gauge, accurate to 0.1mm. Light yet tough, made from a durable nylon. Suitable for internal, external and depth measuring.


Fibreglass-reinforced dialMax® calliper gauge from Wiha. Reading 0.1 mm

• Display: Dial gauge; diameter: 35 mm
• Reading: 0.1 mm, 1 pointer rotation corresponds to 10 mm. Accuracy corresponds to DIN 862
• Application: only outside, inside, depth and level measurements.
• Material: Non-metallic high-tech material with 60% fibreglass content
• Extremely high stiffness and wear-resistant measuring base for constantly accurate measurements
• Non-corrosive, non-magnetic, barely thermally conductive and electrically insulating
• Extras: Shock-protected clock. Round scale is zero adjustable and thus enables comparison measurements

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