Firescoff Large 125ml Heat Activated Flux - TF28A

Firescoff Large - TF28A - 120ml

Firescoff® is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating. which combines a firestain preventer, a high performance non-fluorinated flux (for both hard and soft solder) and easy removal in warm water, all-in-one. Firescoff® enables you to dispense with boric acid, paste flux, and pickle solution, offering more protection for gemstones, and a no-acid warm water cleanup. Other benefits include:

  • Integrated non-fluorinated flux for consistent soft and hard solder welding.
  • Perform multiple soldering operations without waiting.
  • Greater control when reticulating with silver or gold.
  • Provides stray heat protection for gemstones. Prevents firestain.
  • Warm water cleanup - less than 2 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Removes pickling acids from the workbench. 
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