Fraizer Set Fig 1 Round Burrs, 1.5 to 2.6mm - TFS1A

Busch  Round No 1 Burr Set

High quality set of 12 steel round burrs by Busch from 1.50mm to 2.60m.

(1.50mm,1.60mm,1.70mm,1.80mm,1.90mm,2.00mm,2.10mm,2.20mm,2.30mm,2.40mm,2.50mm & 2.60mm)

Don't forget we also sell Burr Life Lubricant (SKU code TG47).

Suitable for quick release handpieces and micromotors. All our Busch pendant motor burrs have a 2.34mm shank to accommodate most handpieces. 

Used by jewellers and dentists worldwide.

We are an official UK distributor. See the full range on our website.

There is no substitute for quality. 

When the brothers Ernst and Otto Busch set up their dental bur factory Busch & Co. in Düsseldorf in 1905, they could hardly have imagined that these words would describe its output just 100 years later! 
Their intention was to give a boost to dentistry, a field which was still in its infancy at the time (there were just 500 dentists in the whole of Germany in 1905), by producing better instruments. They and the two following BUSCH generations succeeded admirably in this respect, as the entire history of the company, which moved to Engelskirchen in 1908, is characterized by constant adjustment to the latest developments in science and technology.
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