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Gold Star Omega+ Investment Powder - TC043

Subtotal: £69.95 Price: £69.95 + VAT if applicable
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SKU: TC043 Packaged weight: 2.25kg

Gold Star Omega+ has been developed to deal with the most demanding conditions, producing world class results when casting high carat Yellow and White Gold, including high percentage Palladium and Nickel White Gold.

Omega+ has optimised thermal expansions, permeability and particle size distribution to enable it to produce the highest quality castings and reproduction of Master Models.

It contains the highest content and grade of un-mineralised Cristobalite in the GSP range, making Omega+ suitable for all your Yellow and White Gold casting, including high percentage Palladium White Gold. It’s ease of use can withstand many different process conditions. Omega+ is for manufacturers who require trouble free castings with the highest possible surface finish with an easy breakout after casting.