GRS C-Max Round Blank Gravers 1.8mm x 2" (Pack of 10) - 022-780

Pack of 10 GRS C-Max 1.80mm round carbide blanks. These measure 2" (50mm) in length.
With input from some of the world's foremost metal engravers, GRS has developed a new graver blank, available in C-Max Carbide. Many engravers prefer a tool shaped and sharpened to a fine-to-medium size, making traditionally-sized gravers less economical of materials and time.
The 1.8 mm round (0.071") graver is the result of careful testing and feedback from a number of professional engravers. The tool is small enough to allow quick sharpening with less waste, yet strong enough for a majority of fine metal engraving jobs. The round shape not only limits wasted tool metal, it is also more comfortable to use.
  • Intended for fine shading and general engraving work
  • For use with GRS 1.8mm Round Quick Change Tool Holders - TB994872
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