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Brand: Grayson Clocks

Subtotal: £85.00 Price: £85.00 + VAT if applicable

SKU: G200HIVIZ Packaged weight: 5.00kg

Developed specifically for the partially sighted and those with failing eyesight as part of our healthcare range.
The clock features a yellow dial that offers higher contrast that the normal black on white.
We've also had a few go out to warehouse and factory settings where high visibility was required but the client didn't want an LED clock.

The Hello Yellow Clock uses our standard profile bezel: tapered from 302mm at the front to 355mm at the back and about 60mm deep.

Fabricated from spun aluminium and powder coated black.

This clock's unique yellow dial has large bold numbers screen printed onto it with no minute track to keep the face as clear and uncluttered as possible.

A high quality UTS movement is fitted to the sturdy powder coated aluminium back plate which has a built-in hook.

  • Manufactured in Britain.
  • Full metal construction.
  • Highest quality, long life German movement.
  • Designed for durability and longevity.
  • Proven track record in schools, offices and healthcare facilities.

We’ve been building Grayson clocks for more than three decades now and in a world where you can buy a plastic clock for less than a tenner, we try rise above the crowd to produce high quality, durable time pieces that can last you years and years.

Many cheap clocks are made with molded plastic backs so once the movement fails the whole clock has to be thrown away. With our clocks all parts are replaceable; if you drop it, we can replace the bezel or the 'glass', if the movement dies then we (or indeed, you) can swap it out for a new one.

We do all repairs ourselves at our head office in Kent, we don't believe in 'disposable' clocks and that's not what we build.

..and we don’t just build battery clocks!

We also specialize in clock systems. We know that sometimes what you need is for all your clocks to tell exactly the same time. All our clocks can be fitted, for example, with minute impulse movements that can be run from a master clock and controlled centrally by GPS. Some our clocks can even run off NTP / POE via your network.

Completely synchronized, completely accurate.

Check out our movements section or give us a shout for more information.

All of our Grayson Clocks are built to order.
We try to keep all component in stock and will usually get your clock to you within 5 working days.
If we are short of components we will let you know straight away and give you a reasonable estimate of how long it is likely to be.

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