Investment Scale - TC04

Ideal for fast, accurate and easy weighing of investment in your casting process, this sturdy analog scale offers a large, easy-to-read dial that displays both imperial (lbs/ozs.) and also gives proportional amount of water for investment powder.  
The large-capacity stainless steel bowl is removable, making it easy to add weighed investment to your mixer, and dishwasher-safe, helping you avoid cross-contamination as various investments are weighed throughout the production day.
The scale requires no power so its easy to move as needed and set up anywhere.
The stainless-steel construction ensures that the scale is durable and long-lasting; the dial features a shatterproof lens that keeps dust and other contaminants away.
Economical and handy scale for measuring investment powder. Easily removable scoop fits securely on platform. 
Capacity 20lbs/9.1kg
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10 kg
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