Mini Mag Magnetic Polishing Machine - TP28

Mini Mag Magnetic Polisher. Ideal for small runs. 

Capacity 3-5 rings or up to 30gms.

The Mini Mag has a Fixed speed and is fitted with a mechanical timer of 0 to 120 minutes. The 3.3" Polishing Bowl uses a pin capacity of between 20-30gm and runs off a 1/32hp 230v motor. Supplied with UK 3 pin plug.

Cleaning your finisher between cycles is recommended, and the bowl should be removed and cleaned thoroughly between cycles. It is also advisable to remove the bowl and pins from the unit when not in use otherwise this may de-magnetise your pins.

25gm Pins supplied with unit.

Additional item require: Polishing soap TP304

Please note - keep all items away from the unit that can be affected by magnetic force: mobile phones, credit cards and other electrical items.

Before use it is advisable to run the pins through 2-3 15 minute cycles to remove any grease that may cover them.

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