Plato Platinum Polishing Kit - TP6010

The "Plato" system ia a progressive polishing system from Japan using 3 levels of polishing to achieve an outstanding finish on platinum. The kit includes 400g of the first and second stage polished compounds and 225g of the final compound plus 3 coloured polishing buffs. One for each stage

Plato 800: 1st stage polishing compound  grit 800, used in conjuction with TP6014 Polishing Mop - TP6011A
Plato Orange 1500: 2nd stage polishing compound grit 1500, used in conjunction with TP6015 Polishing Mop. - TP6012A
Plato 8000 Green : 3rd stage polishing compound grit 8000, used as a final polish for Platinium in conjunction with TP6016 Polishing mop. - TP6013A


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