Rack-Press Precision For Watch Case Backs With Dies Horotec MSA06.152 - HP06152

Rack-Press Precision For Watch Case Backs With Dies Horotec MSA06.152.

Includes Precision Rack-Press MSA06.150.

This precision rack-press is provided with a small slide that allows to block or to free the toothed rack. The watchmaker thus has an exceptional tool for fitting glasses and bezels, closing watch cases and maintain the glass on the watch case during joining time. After screwing the die on the die holder, one can determine the best way to proceed : - free toothed rack (slide ahead) : For usual work on steel watch cases, thick or sturdy ; apply pressure on the lever provided with an anti-skid rubber. The return spring and the fixed handle allow for careful adjustment of pressure upon use. - blocked toothed rack (slide behind) : For delicate work on gold cases, thin or delicate; pull the slide to lock the toothed rack in the desired position, then use the spanner, to fit the glass or the case back; with each rotation the die goes down about 1.5 mm. The fitting precision can be perfectly controlled.

Supplied In A Wooden Box Complete With 4 Assortments of Delrin® Screw-On Dies (43 pieces) : MSA06.520, MSA06.521, MSA06.522 and MSA07.106. 


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