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Sandblaster Sandblasting Machine (Base 3) - TP39100

Base 3 Sand Blasting Machine 

Two tanks with recycling nozzle

Main Features: 
• Divesting Nozzle for recyclable abrasive 3.0 mm nozzle
• EASY micro blasting tanks for disposable media fitted with 0.8 mm nozzle (0.5 - 0.8 - 1.2 
   - 2.0 mm nozzles available on request)
• Air Filter
• Pressure gauge and foot control
• Pre-fitted for connection to WAFIS and PRO-3. Suction system


Please note this unit requires a compressor to run. You will also need a powerful extraction system. We recomend that a filtering system such as a WAFIS (Our Ref. TF1) should be fitted to the unit to extract any air bound particals from being breathed in.

Technical Data
Power Supply : 230 V 50/60 Hz, 60 W
Weight : 11.8 kg
Dimension : 415 x 400 x 445 mm


20% VAT£233.60
Quantity per unit: 
Packaged weight: 
15 kg
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