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Witschi QuartzMaster® Quartz Watch Tester - HT71

Witschi QuartzMaster® Quartz Watch Tester.

The expert in the measurement of open quartz watches! QuartzMaster® offers an extensive range of measurement and testing options for the analysis of open quartz watches and the battery.

Thanks to its quick, accurate measurement procedures, not only is it indispensable for service and production, but also an important measuring instrument in the watch laboratory.

  • Compact and ergonomic measuring device for open quartz watches
  • Plug & Play thanks to USB interface
  • Battery tester with load resistances of 100 Ω, 2 kΩ and 2 MΩ
  • Easy to operate thanks to configurable rotary knobs and keys on the device
  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed users
  • Dedicated, yellow bracket for the accelerated measurement
  • Dummy battery for rapid connection of the watch to the measuring device (optional)
  • The lighting for improved readability of the watch hands changes colour depending on the result and device status
  • A mirror enables the user to see the hands from the working position
  • Automated measurement programs with WiCoTRACE
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