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Witschi Thermal Printer (RS232 / Bluetooth Compatible) - HT774

New Witschi thermal printer is not only extremely innovative but also highly efficient.
Comes supplied as Basic version with RS-232 connection which has only one connection possible to this single-channel printer.
Outputs test results at the front. Thanks to its compact design, you gain space and can position it almost anywhere. Simply connect your Witschi device to the printer using the RS-232 cable (Our Reference HZT774 which is supplied). Once printed out, the ticket with your measurement results will be automatically cut off by the auto cutter.
Compatible (via RS232 connection) with the devices: –  Proofmaster S –  Proofmaster M –  Newtech Handy II –  Analyzer Q1 –  Analyzer Twin –  Analyzer Q2 –  Watch Expert III –  Chronoscope S1 (G1) –  Chronoscope S1 (G2) –  Chronoscope M1 –  Qualimaster.
Also connects to Chronoscope X1 and X1 (G2) using Link Cable (Our Reference HZT772 & HZT774 which are supplied).
With additional Bluetooth interface connection (Our Reference HT7741) this printer is then wireless Bluetooth technology and with an additional dongle per device (Our Reference HT7742). Multiple devices can then use this multi-channel printer, enabling you to print out test and measurement results from several Witschi devices (up to 10) within a 10 metre range.
Bluetooth – with dongle is currently compatible with the following Witschi devices - Chronoscope X1 (G3) - Chronoscope S1 (G2) - WATCH EXPERT IV (4).
Mains connection 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz - 24 V DC / 1.75 A
Replacement Thermal Paper Width 60 mm - Our Reference HT7711
Colour black
Dimensions 112.5 (W) x 200 (D) x 125 (H) mm

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