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Orion by Sunstone Welders

Sunstone are world leaders in mciro welding technology supplying power cell manufacturers, aerospace companies, automotive groups, orthodontists, dental labs, and electronics manufacturers and of course jewellers and watchmakers.

Their ORION range has been developed for jewellery and associated applications and offer a comprehensive range of both Pulse Arc and Laser welding units to suit you space and budget. So whether you are joining precious metals, stainless steel or even titanium, why not consider an Orion.

Pulse Arc

As the name suggests, the system welds or fuses the components together with the application of a very concentrated point of energy, electrical current arcing from a probe. Pulse arc is great at really fine repairs such as re-tipping, even when stones are left mounted as there is no need to heat the whole piece. Re-sizing of rings takes seconds.

New to Pulse Arc Welding?

The mPulse 30 TW1M is our entry level machine. 

Compact, yet powerful and so easy to use. A Great way to introduce Pulse Arc welding to your workshop

Best Seller

The Orion 100C TW100M comes with a 5x IR & UV shielded microscope

Speed up tasks such as filling porosity, claw repairs and tack welding before soldering

Why Choose an Orion Pulse Arc Welder

Permanent Jewellery

Permanent, welded or "tattoo" jewellery has been growing exponentially, but it's actually a simple service to add to your arsenal.... If you have the right equipment.
With a Pulse Arc welder, there is virtually no danger to the client and a seamless join with a smooth finish can be completed in seconds.

We're proud to be able to bring Sunstone's range of welders specifically designed for permanent jewellery to the UK.

Zapp Entry Level Permanent Jewellery Welder  - TLZAPP

  • 3-10 Joule energy range
  • 1 joule increments
  • Simple dial control
  • Basic stylus
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use


  • 1-30 Joule engery range
  • 1 Joule increments
  • Simple dial control
  • Orion's longer, premium welding stylus
  • Compatible with Orion's stylus extension cords for customer comfort
  • Upgraded ADL screen


  • 1-15 joules energy range
  • 0.5j increments
  • Touch screen display control with background colour options
  • Extended length stylus and grounding cords for customer comfort
  • Safety "weld/no weld" and "energy setting lock" features
  • Upgraded ADL screen

The PJ is also available with a 5x microscope arm to order.

Laser Welding

Laser welders have 2 main advantages over Pulse welders

If you can see it, you can weld it – as long as the light beam can get there, you can weld.

Longer seams take less time to weld and the non-contact nature of laser welding means that manipulation of the work piece is entirely free, no grounding wires to tangle or move.