Eveflex 500 Series Blue Twist Radial Disc Extra Coarse – TM4557

EVE Eveflex Twist Radial Disc - For polishing metal alloys with a non flat surface.
EveFlex Twist mounted polishers are designed for the jewellery and dentist in mind. These little discs can save you a lot of time and improve your end result no end. The rubber wheels are impregnated with abrasive diamond nano-particles, eliminating any need for messy polishing compounds.

The design is made for easy access to any hard-to-reach places in contoured pieces. EveFlex Twist discs come in a variety of grits, so you can use them to achieve a range of finishes, from satin to mirror.
EveFlex Twist discs can be used for a wide variety of cleaning and finishing applications. Excellent for both precious and non-precious metals applications such as; Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper etc.
The abrasive in these discs is embedded throughout the material, delivering continuous exposure of a fresh cutting surface. Flexible, cool-running bristles remove oxides, texture, and polish simultaneously.
Advantages include:
Reduced heat generation,
Intuitive application,
Preservation of the surface structure,
Extraordinary durability,
Brilliant polishing results.
Blue - #500 Extra Coarse.
Material removal and shaping on Chrome-Cobalt, Stainless Steel and other non-precious alloys.
Dark Grey - #600 Coarse.
Material removal, shaping, pre-polishing, removing oxides, small scratches and marks on precious and non-precious metals.
Brown - #700 Medium.
Matt Finish, Smoothing and pre-polishing on precious and non-precious metals.
Green - #800 Fine.
High lustre polishing on precious and non-precious metals.
Light Green - #900 Extra Fine.
Super high lustre polishing on precious and non-precious metals.
  • Shank: 2.35mm or 3/32"
  • Diameter: 17mm
  • Depth: 1.6mm
  • Overall length: 45mm
  • Recommended speed 7000-12,000 RPM
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