GEM-A Microscope - TM71

The GEM-A Microscopes are fitted with a multi voltage system which allows use all over the world with either an adaptor or local mains lead.

The head of the microscope has a rack and pinion system to raise or lower the microscope head, which is operated by the twin turn wheels on either side of the main body.

Supplied with 4 eyepieces allowing the following magnifications to be obtained. 10x, 20x, 30x & 60x. The unit has LED lighting with Black and White discs for a variety of uses to examine gemstones, it is also supplied with a gemstone holder. Supplied in fitted Aluminium case.

Tech. data. 110v - 230v 0.5w 50Hz. Operating temp 5-35C

Dimensions: 118 x 190 x 300mm

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