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Microscope Omega Approved - HM72

Subtotal: £270.00 Price: £270.00 + VAT if applicable
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SKU: HM72 Packaged weight: 5.00kg

Microscope 20x & 40x Magnification

Top-class eyepieces with an especially wide field of vision allow the professional binocular examination of insects, gems, plants and virtually any three dimensional object.

Incorporates all excellent characteristics of modern microscopes in one device. It can be classified as high performance laboratory microscope. Designed to meet the high demands of contemporary laboratory microscopy, exceeds all expectations! In the elaborate master plan of this high precision instrument every detail has been thought of. This microscope meets the demands of the most discerning users!

The watchmaker can work precisely on cogwheels and clockworks. The jeweller identifies gems, examines precious stones and jewellery and identifies engravings and hallmarks. Working on microelectronic components becomes possible, as soldered points as well as hairline cracks on them become visible. Ideal for dissecting plants and insects. Philatelists and coin collectors can proof the authenticity of their treasures. Surface details and fine structures of various materials, like wood, metal and stone can be analyzed as well. Due to its versatility and easy handling the microscope is also very popular for pupils and students.

Has a raised base accommodating both incident and transmitted illumination systems. The incident lamp is fitted behind the objectives and shines down directly on the specimen area. The lighting is controlled by a rocker switch that allows either the incident or transmitted options to be used alternately. With rheostat light control.

The versatile LED illumination system offers:
1) incident (top) lighting
2) transmitted (bottom) lighting
3) both at the same time

Working distance: the working distance at x20 is 57mm
Interpupillary distance: 56mm to 76mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Dimensions: 118mm x 190mm x 300mm
Contents of delivery:
1 x Black/white dissection plate
1 x Frosted glass plate for use with the transmitted illumination
2 x eyepieces 10x
2 x rubber eyeguards
Objective turret (2x+4x)
Dust cover
  • First-Class Binocular Microscope
  • Magnification: 20x & 40x
  • Eyepiece:10x
  • Eyepiece socket: Insertion diameter 30mm
  • Objective turret: 2x and 4x
  • Approved by Omega for unlimited parts accounts

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