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Brand: Grayson Clocks

Subtotal: £225.00 Price: £225.00 + VAT if applicable

SKU: G225 Packaged weight: 7.252kg

The stone cold classic.

These clocks are most famous for having been Barclay's Banks go-to clocks for their branches up and down the country for many years. In fact we still get units from the 80's coming back to us for servicing (not from Barclay's it has to be said, mainly from collectors).
Originally they were full metal case and framework inside, and weighed a tonne, then in the mid 90s it was changed over to plastic and the minute adjusters moved to the back of the clocks rather than pegs coming out the bottom.
Rest assured though; the accuracy, build quality and longevity remained in place.

The G225 has a 24-hour time display linked to a fully automatic calendar.

It features Twemco's patented Perpetual Calendar technology that automates the long and short months and also leap years. A true 'set and forget' calendar clock.

Two size D batteries, which should last you a couple of years or so depending on the brand, are supplied with the clock.
There's a high quality, quartz driven, motor at the heart of the clock that will provide you with an accuracy of about 0.6 sec/month at normal operating temperatures.

Clock operation is straightforward:
On / Off switch inside the battery compartment.
Time is adjusted via hour and minute levers situated behind a removable panel on the back of the clock.


  • Dimension: 422 x 318 x 118 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Height of number plates: 58mm
  • Height of digits: 40mm
  • Readability: Over 23 meters

Made in Hong Kong by TWEMCO

All clocks are fully repairable and serviceable. Work is carried out here, by us, in our workshop in the UK.

We've been selling TWEMCO clocks for more than three decades now and, as the exclusive UK importer, it is a partnership we are proud of.
What TWEMCO say about themselves:

"TWEMCO is one of the world-renowned manufacturers specializing in fully automatic flip clocks for over half a century.
Since 1968, TWEMCO had started developing the best fully automatic perpetual calendar digital clocks for people.
With over 50 years of experience and by virtue of its excellent craftsmanship and unique features (Invention Patented), we now have nearly one million pieces of TWEMCO clocks sold to market.

Now, TWEMCO has become an icon of fashion, interpreting the value of time."

Visit for our full range of timing systems, digital clocks and components.

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