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Grayson White 9" School Hospital Office Battery Clock High Quality UK Made - G25

Manufactured in Britain

Full Metal Construction

Highest Quality, Long Life German Movement

Designed for Durability and Longevity

Proven Track Record in Schools, Offices and Healthcare Facilities


The most popular of our standard analogue clocks for more than three decades, the G25 is an exercise in sturdy British Manufacturing.

In a world where you can buy a plastic clock for a few quid we rise above the crowd to produce high quality, durable time pieces that can last you decades.

Its bezel and back plate are manufactured in high grade aluminium with a screen printed dial, acrylic front and German Movement.

Most cheap clocks these days are made with moulded plastic backs so once the movement fails the whole clock has to be thrown away. With our clocks all parts are replaceable; if you drop it, we can replace the bezel or the 'glass', if the movement dies then we can swap it out.

We don't believe in 'disposable' clocks and that's not what we build.


Special Characteristics: Anti-theft device (hinge) is securely screwed to the wall yet allows clock to pivot upwards for battery replacement and time changes.

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