Horotec MSA07.363 Waterproof Case Opener - HW45

Horotec MSA07.363 Waterproof Watch Case Opener. Complete version of the professional precision Horotec® press. Heavy and robust for opening and closing screw-on watch case back of all types of watches. Large ergonomic top wheel Ø160mm for screwing / unscrewing with no effort. Centre threaded broach with precise locking ring. Solid steel supporting pillars covered with anti-skid and ergonomic synthetic material, for right and left handed. Base has a removable die tray for east selection and storage. Removable watch holder with 12 holes for concave delrin dies and 4 holes for case lug dies. Base equipped with 4 anti-skid feet.

Supplied with-

  • - 1 x Adjustable Jaw Holder (Our Ref. HW3A)
  • - 2 x Round Jaws (Our Ref. HW310A)
  • - 2 x Flat Jaws (Our Ref. HW310B)
  • - 2 x Square Jaws (Our Ref. HW310C)
  • - 2 x Knurled Jaws (Our Ref. HW310D)
  • - 1 x Watch Holder (Our Ref. HW318)
  • - 7 x Suction Dies (Our Ref. HW454)
  • - 8 x Rolex Type Dies (Our Ref. HW452)
  • - 3 x Baume Mercier Type Dies (Our Ref. HW453)

Size 160mm x 220mm x 260mm

Swiss Made

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