Waterproof Watch Pressure & Vacuum Testing Machine Greiner Poseidon LT-100 - HW89000

The Poseidon LT 100 leak tester is the standard piece of equipment used for watch maintenance testing for vacuum up  to -0.7 bar and pressure up to 10 bar. This intelligent device has a large, modern colour screen. A clear system of menus enables the user to test various watch types quickly. The user interface has been designed by practitioners in the field to meet today’s requirements. The user can follow the progress of the test as it happens, with each stage of the process  displayed graphically on screen. 
Key features:

• Simple user operation and programming

• Extremely helpful mapping of process on large colour screen – from insertion of watch to end of measurement

• Good text and diagram display size • Clever tray system for accommodating small and large watches

• Maximum measurable watch size up to 61 mm diameter and 15 mm thickness

• Deformation measurement of watch with accuracy of ≤ 0.1 µm

• «Quick test» option with -0.5 bar and automatic measuring time

• Standard measuring times of 25 sec., manual setting up to 480 sec.

• Log can be printed out on various thermal printers

• Easy-to-use maintenance aids, eliminating the need for unnecessary and costly servicing.



• Thermal printer MARTEL (Our Reference HT773)

• 16 Bar Compressor (Our Reference HW441)

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