Polywatch Watch Protector (Single) - HP103B

Polywatch Watch Protector (Counter Display Of 6).

The Watch Protector by polyWatch seals and protects your watch effectively and long lasting.

A watches surface is often worn with daily use.

Without sealing the watch will get dirty taking fat, fingerprints, germs, dirt and dust pretty quickly and is then hard to clean.

The innovative solution: polyWatch WATCH PROTECTOR.

  • Absolutely invisible Premium Nano-Tech-Sealing (Liquid-Glass-Technology)
  • 3-dimensional High-Tech-Matrix for improved hydrophobic effect
  • Provides a hygienic surface with Easy-to-Clean-Effect
  • Dirt-,dust- and oil-repellent (oleophobic)
  • Anti-fingerprint feature
  • No more water spots
  • Prevents from light scratches
  • Versatile protection also for digital cameras, Smart-Watches and -Phones, as well as their backsides made of glass!
  • Quick, easy and bubble-free application
  • Exceptional durable: sealing lasts up to 12 months
  • Extraordinarily economical: enough for several watches
  • 2-component-system Step 1: fat free cleaning of surface, Step 2: application of high-performance sealer
  • All-Inclusive-Kit, 2 sealer-sets, 1 microfiber cloth and gloves

Made in Germany.

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